Untitled Group




Untitled Gallery is a project hatched in 2011 whose aim is to discover, nurture and promote the talents and careers of the next generation of young European artists, with an emphasis on recent French, German and Swiss art school graduates.

We launched the gallery in the hip and newly gentrified South Pigalle district of Paris, in a landmarked building owned by the royal family and named Le Carmen for the opera written by Georges Bizet while he resided there.

It was the first in a new migration of galleries that opened in the area, and presented art in an environment that closer resembled a private home.

In fact, the unique presentation style, in what appeared to be a 150 m2 apartment with three bedrooms and fireplaces and conference table in the dining room, was extremely successful as it allowed collectors to more easily picture the exhibition pieces in their own homes.

Having run its course in Paris, the gallery is now cultivating an updated program and roster of Swiss artists in its upcoming base in thriving, cosmopolitan Zürich. The gallery has already established an international presence, hosting events both with and alongside the international art fairs such as Frieze in London and New York and Art Basel in Hong Kong; most significantly in off site industrial spaces that have enabled us the flexibility to work with our artists in development site specific work while capturing an influential international curator and collector clientele.